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To view members of a specific committee, visit the membership directory, and select the appropriate committee from the drop down. The directory is restricted to current Individual Members.


Chair: Randy Thoma, 512-506-3250,       
Vice Chair: Kelly Snyder, 615-564-3710,
The Accreditation Committee is responsible for the development of policies and materials for the administration of the Accreditation Program, including the application, processing, inspection, evaluation and approval of applicants for accreditation.

American Board of Tissue Banking (ABTB)
Chair: Allyson May, 503-408-9394,

The American Board of Tissue Banking is responsible for the administration of the Certified Tissue Bank Specialist (CTBS) and the Certified Reproductive Cryotechnology Specialist (CRCS) programs, including the preparation, administration and scoring of the national certification examinations.  


Chair: Alyce Linthurst-Jones, PhD,  

The Bylaws and Ethics Committee is responsible for reviewing the Association’s Bylaws, which govern the membership and the affairs of the Association, and for recommending necessary revisions as provided in Article XIII.  The committee is also responsible for the development and interpretation of the Association’s ethical codes, policies and statements.

Chair, Erin Morton, 386-418-8888, 

The Communications Committee is responsible for the Association’s communications activities and programs.


Chair: David Hofstetter, 617-558-6645,
Vice Chair: Debra Curtis, 702-796-9600,

The Education Committee is responsible for approving, developing and conducting the Association’s educational programs, including the various meetings and workshops, as directed.

Chair: Ross Raspopovich, 630-758-2600,

The Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing the Association’s finances, including accounting policies and practices, annual audits, budgets, financial reports and tax submissions.

Chair: Sarah Golombek,

The Membership Committee is responsible for the recruitment and retention of individual and institutional Association members.

Nominating and Awards
Chair: Diane Wilson, 937-461-3274,

The Nominating and Awards Committee is responsible for selecting candidates for election to fill the Association’s offices in accordance with Article VIII.  The Committee shall also be responsible for nominating individuals to the Board of Governors for the Association’s annual awards.

Chair, Kristen Brown, 937-528-5350,

The Program Committee is responsible for developing the programs for the Annual Meeting and the Quality & Donor Suitability Workshop of the Association as well as the various other workshops and seminars, as directed.

Scientific and Technical Affairs (STAC)

Chair, Jeffrey Cartmell, PhD, 732-661-2151,
Vice Chair, Kelvin Brockbank, PhD, 843-514-6164,

The Scientific and Technical Affairs Committee is responsible for the design and execution of AATB-sponsored research and the publication of any resulting data and/or conclusions.  The committee is also charged with reviewing, investigating and making recommendations on relevant scientific and technical questions.

Chair, Karen Norman, 352-283-4882,

Vice Chair, Tim Maye, 757-609-4680

The Standards Committee is responsible for drafting, reviewing and providing recommendations to the Board of Governors for all standards, including variances thereto, and Guidance Documents.