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The resources and links listed are suggested as sources for further exploration. They do not imply endorsement.



Organ, Eye and Tissue Donor Families

National Kidney Foundation: Donor Families

UNOS Donor Memorial

Death of a Spouse

AARP Widowed Persons Service 

Society of Military Widows

Young Widows

Death of a Child

Alive Alone

Alliance of Grandparents, A Support in Tragedy (AGAST)

Compassionate Friends

MISS Foundation

Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Parents of Murdered Children

Grieving Children

The National Alliance for Grieving Children

Sesame Street: Grief

Stillbirth and infant death

Birth Defect Registry Support Group List

Faces of Loss

Glow in the Woods

Purposeful Gift

SIDS Alliance

The Solace Foundation

Unspoken Grief



American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Alliance of Hope

Suicide and Depression Awareness for Students


For Those Who Give and Grieve: A Book for Donor Families 
by John H.; Baugh, Douglas R. Bens 

Holding On to Hope: A Pathway through Suffering to the Heart of God 
by Nancy Guthrie

I Will Carry You: The Sacred Dance of Grief and Joy 
by Angie Smith

It's Okay to Yell at God...: And Other Life Changing Discoveries Made on My Journey of Grief
by Eric Miller

Taylor's Gift: A Courageous Story of Giving Life and Renewing Hope
by Todd Storch

The Nicholas Effect: A Boy’s Gift to the World
by Reg Green

When Bad Things Happen to Good People
by Harold S. Kushner


Children’s Books:

I Miss You: A First Look at Death
by Pat Thomas

When Your Grandparent Dies: A Child's Guide to Good Grief
by Victoria Ryan