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Joining the Council

All AATB-accredited facilities are required to designate one representative to serve on the Accredited Tissue Banks Council (ATBC). These representatives must be authorized and empowered to vote on behalf of their organizations at ATBC meetings. Members of the ATBC are typically CEOs or Executive Directors. As a result, the ATBC Council does not participate in open enrollment. 


ATBC offers its members the opportunity to participate and collaborate on current issues affecting AATB-accredited tissue banks, including the accreditation process, inspection compliance, collaborative relationships, changes in FDA standards and regulations, and the AATB’s accreditation and audit fee structure.


  • Identify issues relevant to accredited tissue banks for review and discussion.
  • Provide a forum to identify collaborative processes at accredited tissue banks and make recommendations to appropriate committees and the membership for responding to FDA guidance on these collaborative processes.
  • Develop tools and guidance recommendations for accredited tissue banks to facilitate inspections and compliance with changes in AATB Standards and FDA guidance and regulations.
  • Provide a forum to review and standardize the inspection and accreditation process, and forward those recommendations to the Standards and Accreditation committees.
  • Provide a forum for recommendations to the AATB’s governing body on the fee structure related to tissue bank payments for AATB accreditation and audits.
  • Promote and support federal and state initiatives requiring all tissue banks to attain AATB accreditation and to adopt AATB Standards.
  • Provide a forum for developing policies that recommend the exclusive use of tissue from AATB-accredited tissue banks.

Meeting Schedule

The ATBC meets in person one time a year at the AATB Annual Meeting.

Council Leadership and Liaison

2018–2020 Co-Chairs


Dan Lunn



George Herrera

MTF Biologics - Edison


Vice Chair

Lawrence Suplee

Gift of Life Donor Program



Rebecca Quall, CTBS



Staff Liaison

Julie Bly