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Why You Should Join

The Physicians Council gives AATB members who are legally authorized to practice medicine, dentistry, or osteopathy the opportunity to offer professional advice and recommendations on changes to AATB Standards, policies, and programs and to contribute to the development of new ones. The council also provides a forum for you and your colleagues to discuss issues related to tissue banking, donor suitability, and the medical application of tissue products. 

Your level of involvement in this community of like-minded professionals is up to you — from participating in discussions to volunteering for subcommittees. Whatever you do, your contribution will make a difference!

Criteria: The Physicians Council consists of Individual Members, Affiliated Member Representatives (AMRs), and Emeritus Members legally authorized to practice medicine, dentistry, or osteopathy and who work or have an interest in tissue banking for transplantation or non-anatomical donation/use for education. Individual Members, AMRs, and Emeritus Members who previously were authorized to practice but are now retired from practice may serve on the Physicians Council.


Ensure that physicians’ concerns are fully considered when addressing issues related to tissue banking, transplant medicine, and AATB Standards, policies, and programs.


  • Recommend new AATB Standards, policies, and programs — or changes to existing ones. 
  • Upon request, evaluate and approve by majority vote any proposed standard, policy, or other AATB action related to medical issues. 
  • Convene specialized subcommittees or work groups to discuss specific issues and provide recommendations to the council. 
  • Develop professional education programs for tissue bank medical directors, surgeons, and other physicians with an interest in tissue banking at the Quality and Donor Eligibility Workshop and the Annual Meeting. 
  • Provide speakers, medical advice, and other assistance with AATB educational activities.

Meeting Schedule

The Physicians Council meets in person once a year at the AATB Annual Meeting and approximately two times a year by phone.

Council Leadership and Liaison

2018–2020 Chairs


Laurie Sutor, M.D.

Transplant Services Center - UT Southwestern Medical Center

Vice Chair

Matthew Kuehnert, M.D.

MTF Biologics - Edison



Gregory Ray, M.D.

CryoLife, Inc.

Staff Liaison

Roman Hitchev, M.D.