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Why You Should Join

Through networking and conferences with the Reproductive Council, you can develop and exchange ideas that advance the collection, processing, storage, and distribution of reproductive tissue. Your contribution to reproductive tissue banking, and the associated networking and information sharing, will benefit recipients of the tissue and your career. 

Your level of involvement in this community of like-minded colleagues is up to you — from participating in discussions to volunteering for subcommittees. Whatever you do, your contribution will make a difference!


Contribute to the growth, advancement, and understanding of the banking of reproductive tissue (sperm, oocytes, and embryos).


  • Manage and get involved in research and relevant subcommittees to ensure the safety of reproductive tissue.
  • Review and propose changes to AATB Standards and best practices to set the gold standard for reproductive tissue banking.
  • Develop educational opportunities for AATB members by recommending topics and speakers for AATB conferences.

Meeting Schedule

The Reproductive Council meets in person once a year at the AATB Annual Meeting.

Council Leadership and Liaison

2018–2020 Chairs


Jaime Shamonki, M.D.

California Cryobank, LLC.

Vice Chair

Michelle Ottey

Fairfax Cryobank




Jill Olson

ReproTech, Ltd.



Staff Liaison

Jennifer Keller