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Physicians Council

The following groups are active within the Physicians Council:​

Panel on the Role of the Medical Director of a Recovery Organization

This panel is currently assessing a proposal from the Subcommittee on Recovery Organizations to remove the medical director requirement for recovery tissue banks from the current Standards.

Panel on the Reduction of the Rule-out Microorganisms for Skin Grafts​​

In collaboration with clinicians and burn surgeons, this panel assesses the clinical feasibility of reducing the rule-out microorganism list for skin grafts.

Panel on Anti-HepBc-total Positive Donors

This panel evaluates the clinical safety of HCT/Ps derived from anti-HepBc-total positive donors, and the practicality of differentiating anti-HBc IgM instead of testing for total IgM + IgG antibodies that may be elevated due to IgG elevation caused by non-HBV-related conditions.

Panel on Dementia​

This panel evaluates the prevalence of misdiagnosed cases of dementia and the need to clarify the current diagnostic criteria for dementia in the AATB Standards for Tissue Banking.

Standards Committee

The following groups are active within the Standards Committee:

Subcommittee on Recovery Organizations

With the participation of representatives from recovery organizations and processors, this panel reviews the current AATB Standards and presents recommendations to the Standards Committee for the prospective revision of Standards to more accurately meet the operational specificities in the donor selection, donor screening, testing, and recovery segments of the procurement process, managed by recovery organizations.

Joint Group on Recovery Org Auditing & Appendix V

This group has been formed with the joint participation of the Standards Committee Subgroup on Recovery Organizations, and the Quality Council Group on Appendix V. The group's mission is to prepare a recommendation to present to the Standards Committee for the prospective revision of the current drafts of Appendix V and the Recovery Partner Audit Tool, and to issue a new Guidance Document for auditing of recovery partners working with accredited processors.

Subcommittee on Questions & Inquiries

This subcommittee processes incoming questions and/or inquiries relating to AATB Standards and Guidance Documents.

Subgroup on Updating the Current Good Tissue Practices

This subgroup is conducting a wholesale review of the Good Tissue Practices (Guidance Document No.3), and is drafting necessary updates to the document.

Subgroup on Birth Tissue

This subgroup provides recommendations to the Standards Committee for updates of BT-related Standards and UDRAI.

Subgroup on UDRAI updates

This subgroup is conducting a review of current addendum/UDRAI documents and recommending the needed updates based on the latest FDA guidance documents.

Subgroup on ZIKV

This subgroup reviews current FDA guidance documents on the Zika virus and communicates with the Scientific & Technical Affairs Committee in addressing the need for an upgraded risk assessment for Zika.

Scientific & Technical Affairs Committee (STAC)

The following groups are active within STAC​:

Emerging Infectious Disease (EID) Subcommittee

This subcommittee identifies and evaluates emerging infectious disease agents and diseases that may pose a threat to tissue banking. In addition, the EID Subcommittee also develops risk management strategies to mitigate these potential threats.

Warm Ischemic Time (WIT) Study Group

This study group manages the implementation of a research project aimed at evaluating the effects of WIT on the quality of recovered tissues.​

ZIKV RNA Extraction Protocol Optimization Study Proposal

This is a project proposal, which was submitted by a joint CDC-CCB group, aimed at evaluating novel means of ZIKV identification in immuno-privileged tissues after the virus has been cleared in the donor's serum/plasma. This project proposal was approved by the STAC on June 18, 2018.​

STAC Research Study Archive & Bibliography Database

This is an ongoing project for creating a database of past research studies and publications managed by the STAC to be made available on the AATB website for reference by members (considering publication rights and/or restrictions).​

Task Forces

Emergency Preparedness Task Force

Organized in 2001 after the September 11th attacks, the AATB Emergency Preparedness Task Force (EPTF) is comprised of representatives from ten skin bank processors. The group's main goal is to periodically monitor availability of allograft skin for burn use that could be needed in the event of local or national emergency/disaster. The EPTF has recorded survey results of availability of allograft skin for burns, and tissue availability for research and development in cell-based regenerative medicine.