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The Accreditation Report is a bi-monthly update which highlights the Accreditation Department's key initatives and metrics.

2019 Key Initiatives

AATB's Accreditation Department has multiple exciting key initiatives, in collaboration with our member banks, to improve and enhance our services, including:​

  • Introducing a new electronic inspection and accreditation maintenance system that will eliminate the paper-based systems, establish robust historical files, standardize inspection reports for the review committee and eliminate redundant documentation for our member banks. Five banks will pilot this for us in Q1 2019, with all banks expected to be on the system by end of 2019.
  • The “Cross Functional Auditing Process Project” will be focused on identifying opportunities to minimize the auditing burden on member banks through collaboration with the three accrediting associations of AATB, AOPO and EBAA.
  • The “Accreditation Policies Blue Ribbon Panel” will be tasked with reviewing and revising our accreditation policies to ensure they meet the requirements for sound quality systems and the needs of our member banks.
  • Working with the communications team to increase our presence on the AATB website to inform our members of new and changing trends in the regulatory environment, as well as providing resources to support current quality practices within their organizations.​

Leaning the Accreditation Process

The Accreditation and Standards Department has been focused on improvement – streamlining the application process, providing expedient, high-quality onsite assessments, and facilitating a comprehensive, fair review with the Accreditation Committee. To date, the current cycle time (from receipt of application to Committee decision) is approximately five (5) months, compared to over nine (9) months in 2018. It is our hope that this has had a positive impact on your organization, providing for greater efficiency and better use of resources.