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Recovery Partner Audit Tool and Guidance Document is Released; Compliance Date is January 1, 2012

Bulletin 11-12

August 30, 2011

The American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) announced today the release and publication of its "Recovery Partner Audit Tool" and "Guidance Document."

The Audit Tool and Guidance Document were developed by an AATB task force, composed of members who are subject matter experts, to assist AATB-accredited tissue banks properly audit tissue recovery partners not accredited by the AATB.

These documents were recently recommended by the AATB Standards Committee and approved by the Board of Governors. This Guidance Document (No. 6) is effective January 1, 2012, and compliance is expected by this date.

AATB's Standards for Tissue Banking require each AATB-accredited tissue bank that processes tissue to establish an audit schedule of contract recovery partners. In accordance with standard B1.521, the audit of tissue banks performing recovery that are not accredited by AATB must occur, at a minimum, biennially (every two years).

Additionally, regardless of whether the facility performing activities or services for others is accredited by the AATB, it is the responsibility of the tissue bank receiving those activities/services to periodically verify that procedures related to the activities/services performed are in compliance with applicable Standards, regulations, laws, and the written agreement/contract between tissue banks.

AATB-accredited tissue banks auditing tissue recovery partners not accredited by the AATB must use the Recovery Partner Audit Tool, or submit their own audit tool for evaluation and acceptance by the Director of Accreditation. If the tool is deemed to be comparable to the Recovery Partner Audit Tool, you will be able to use it instead of the Audit Tool provided in Guidance Document No. 6. The Recovery Partner Audit Tool, or the STAR, or a form approved by AATB, may also be used for tissue recovery partners accredited by AATB.

The Recovery Partner Audit Tool Guidance Document is available on the AATB web site www.aatb.org under "Standards and Regulatory," "Guidance Documents." Guidance Document No. 6 will be included in the 13th edition of the Standards for Tissue Banking.You may also obtain a Word document version (.doc) from Debbie Butler Newman, Director of Accreditation. Contact Debbie if you have any questions.