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REMINDER: Immediate Action Requested - Submission for Extension and the State of Florida

Bulletin 12-6

April 16, 2012

We have been communicating with officials at the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA). It is time to submit a request for extension to the temporary waiver granted to AATB-accredited tissue banks in June of 2010 (see AATB News Release, "Florida Approves a Waiver for HTLV Testing for 24 AATB-Accredited Tissue Banks," dated June 29, 2010. The Final Order granted a temporary waiver from Rule 59A-1.005(35)(a)2 of the Florida Administrative Code regarding HTLV testing. The AATB continues to work with officials at AHCA towards successfully amending the regulations so future extensions are not necessary.

The Agency has again requested that the AATB submit one request on behalf of all AATB-accredited tissue banks licensed in the State of Florida. Combining requests for this extension into one submission is preferred and expected by AHCA officials.

The deadline for receipt of the information requested below is in 11 days, by:

Monday, April 16, 2012.

To submit this petition on your behalf using the format mandated by Florida law, we need communication from you that you desire the extension to this Final Order, and we need pertinent information about your tissue bank that we can include in our submission. If your tissue bank is interested in being included in this submission for extension, send the following information as soon as possible to Scott Brubaker, AATB's Chief Policy Officer:

  • A brief, signed one-page letter on your letterhead from an official representing your tissue bank stating your desire to be included in AATB's petition for extension of the waiver granted for HTLV testing as described by the previous Final Order involving Rule 59A-1.005, Section 35 (a) 2 of the Florida Administrative Code.
  • If your tissue bank operates multiple locations, Florida licensure requirements treat these independently. If applicable, this letter must also describe "license specific" listings of your facilities so each one can be included with this new petition. This type of listing will ensure that all appropriate facilities are covered.
  • A clear .pdf or .jpg copy of your current Tissue Bank license(s) from the State of Florida. Your certificate #, license #, and the effective and expiration dates must be clearly visible for each one.

Please contact Scott Brubaker, if you have any questions.