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Changes to Standards

Bulletin 13-19

December 9, 2013​

The Board of Governors acted on recommendations from the Standards Committee and approved changes to the 13th edition (2012) of AATB's Standards for Tissue Banking (Standards).

Last year, the Standards Committee began to discuss problems surrounding standard D5.400 Time Limits for Tissue Recovery (MS, OA, S). It was identified as a standard that membership has often questioned because intent was unclear and interpretations differed. The use of undefined terms such as "excision" and "commence" have caused confusion regarding acceptable practice to determine when recovery begins. The Committee reviewed the history of this standard as well as differences in interpretation and recommended a work group be formed of representatives from relevant Councils: Physicians', Recovery & Donor Suitability, and Quality. The following members were enlisted by Council Chairs to work on this project and they provided the recommendations that have been approved:

Laurie Agle - RTI Donor Services (Quality Council)

Michael Gould, MD - LifeCell (Physicians' Council)

Maria Leonard - LifeCell (Quality Council)

Mike Real - Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (Recovery & Donor Suitability Council)

Dan Schultz, MD - LifeLink Tissue Bank (Physicians' Council)

Randy White - AlloSource (Recovery & Donor Suitability Council)

To clarify intent, the work group created a new term (Skin Prep) with a definition, updated six relevant standards, and revised AATB Guidance Document No. 7, Evaluation of Body Cooling at Standard D5.400. Additionally, it is now clearly described that "when Recovery of tissue has begun, subsequent recovery steps must proceed without delay."

For accreditation inspection purposes, the changes announced in this bulletin must be implemented no later than 90 days from today (on or before Monday, March 10, 2014). Compliance will be expected on this date.​

For the update to the guidance document, see the link below for a printable version for insertion into your Standards book as well as a version showing all updates (with amendments):

Use of "should" and "shall" in the Standards is critical and must be considered when reviewing these updates. Some revisions contain general improvements to the wording in certain standards.

For purposes of clarity, text added is underlined, italicized, and appears as blue font (i.e., Example), and text deleted utilizes the strikethrough (i.e., Example).

If you have any questions, please contact Scott Brubaker at the AATB Office.