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Petition Submitted to Extend Temporary Waiver to HTLV Testing

Bulletin 16-13

July 29, 2016

We have been communicating with officials at Florida's Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA). It is time to submit a request for extension to the temporary waiver granted to AATB-accredited tissue banks in October 2014 (see AATB Bulletin #14-08, "Final Order Granted: Extension to Temporary Waiver").

The Final Order granted a temporary waiver from Rule 59A-1.005(35)(a)2 of the Florida Administrative Code regarding HTLV testing for tissue donors. The Agency has again requested that the AATB submit one request on behalf of all AATB-accredited tissue banks licensed in the State of Florida. Combining requests for this extension into one submission is preferred and expected by AHCA officials

Such a waiver, when granted, expires every two years and AATB has been submitting extensions since the original waiver was granted in 2010.

Yesterday, the AATB filed the formal petition for an extension of waiver to this clause of the Rule. Forty-eight AATB-accredited tissue banks are listed as co-petitioners with the AATB's blanket submission. All AATB-accredited tissue banks currently licensed by the State of Florida, as well as any satellite facilities with a separate license number assigned by the state, are included.

You will be notified of progress as information is received. Contact Scott Brubaker if you have any questions.