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Availability of Revised Accreditation Policies

Bulletin 18-2

February 8, 2018

The AATB Board of Governors has approved revisions to the Accreditation Policies (Policies). The revised Policies are made available today and become effective in ninety (90) calendar days, on May 09, 2018. Compliance by accredited tissue establishments is expected by this date.

The main objective in revising the Policies was to combine the Accreditation Policies for Non-Transplant Anatomical Donation Organizations (NADOS) and the Accreditation Policies for Transplant Tissue Banks into one enforceable set of Accreditation Policies. The AATB Accreditation Policies are applicable to (1) tissue establishments that provide human tissue for transplantation or transfer, and (2) tissue establishments or other organizations that facilitate Non-Transplant Anatomical Donation (NTAD), whole body or parts of the body, donated for use in education and/or research.

An overview document is also available that offers general descriptions of revisions. The current Policies are available for a limited time until superseded on the date above by the revised Policies. All referenced documents can be accessed via the following links:

Policy revisions have been developed over the past few years with valuable input from individual members, an Accreditation Program Focus Group, the Accreditation Committee, AATB staff and legal counsel, and the AATB Board of Governors. We are grateful for the time commitment and expertise provided by these professionals that led to the finalization of the revised Policies.

Contact Jason LoVerdi if you have any questions.