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Overview and Updates

13th Edition of AATB Standards for Tissue Banking

January 16, 2012

This report contains an overview and updates announced for the first time. Previously published updates to the 12th edition of AATB’s Standards for Tissue Banking (Standards) are not included in this report but they will appear in the 13th edition.

The following standards were affected in the list of fifteen previous announcements: A2.000, B1.521, D3.000, D4.354, D4.355, D4.357, D5.400, D5.521, G3.210, G3.310, J1.900, K1.100, K2.210, K2.220, and numerous consent-related standards.

For the first time in the Standards for Tissue Banking:

  • it not only contains all current AATB Guidance Documents, but also the AATB Accreditation Policies for Transplant Tissue Banks;
  • the cover selection is an image of human tissue;
  • Preface appears before the Introduction that describes history of the development of the Standards; and
  • where a few standards are being discussed and will be revised, a "Note" was inserted as an alert.