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The 2018 CTBS Exam Prep Course is now open for early registration!

April 16, 2018

You can now sign up for new and improved CTBS Exam Prep Course! This year's course will offer twice the content at a 60% lower member price than previous years. These on-demand presentations and course materials will be accessible online from May 16th – October 13th.

Here's what you can expect from the redesigned course:
New, user-friendly online platform
On-demand access to all presentations and content
22 presentations (including 8 new topics)
The 14th edition of the AATB Standards for Tissue Banking
Reference guide, including links to AATB Guidance Documents and other essential study materials
Registration for this course will
be organization-wide.

Member Price: $750.00
Non-member Price: $1,000.00

Prep Course Agenda

How to Properly Prepare
Louis Jares, BS, ABMDI-D, CEBT, CTBS

Exam Development, Grading & Structure
Leon Gross, PhD

The History of Tissue Banking and The CTBS Exam
Ralph Powers, DDS, CTBS

Louis Jares, BS, ABMDI-D, CEBT, CTBS

Physical Assessment
Hannis Thompson, MD

Testing: NAT, HTLV I/II & More
Hannis Thompson, MD

Medical Record Review & Screening
Hannis Thompson, MD

Hemodilution & Donor Cooling Criteria
Hannis Thompson, MD

Travel, Endemic Areas & Automatic Deferrals
Kavita Imrit-Thomas, MD

Anatomy: CV Tissue
Jeff Wiggins, BA, CTBS

Anatomy: MS Tissue
Darrel Lewis, MBA, CTBS

Aseptic Technique 101
Darrel Lewis, MBA, CTBS

Surgical Recovery: CV Tissue
Michael Gilbert, MBA, EMT, CTBS

Surgical Recovery: MS
Louis Jares, BS, ABMDI-D, CEBT, CTBS

Surgical Recovery: Skin
Walter Recker, BS, CST, CTBS

Quality System Requirements
Debby Lewis, MA, SSLBB, CTBS
Laura Walling-Sotolongo, BS, SSLBB, CTBS

Lyophilization, Cryopreservation & Processing 101
Ralph Powers, DDS, CTBS

Labeling and Storage Validation
Kelly Stevens, BS, CTBS, CQIA

Ralph Powers, DDS, CTBS

Clinical Applications: CV Tissue
Gregory Ray, MD

Clinical Applications: MS Tissue
Darrel Lewis, MBA, CTBS

Clinical Applications: Skin
Walter Recker, BS, CST, CTBS

Host the 2018 CTBS Exam at Your Office

The AATB Certified Tissue Bank Specialist Examination will be held simultaneously at all locations on Saturday, October 13th 2018, from 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. EST. Your organization has the opportunity to register as an exam host site at the location of your choosing using the following link:

Register a CTBS Alternate Exam Site

There are NO paper forms required to register your site as a 2018 CTBS Alternate Exam Site. You may use the link above to register, submit payment, and provide all of the application information.

Please provide the name of your organization as well as the location at which the exam will be held (i.e. if you are using a remote testing center). Please note: Your site will not be posted and examinees will not be able to register to take the exam at your location until the site registration process has been completed.

Hosting the Exam in The United States

Fees: The examination hosting fee is a flat rate of $2,000.

Chief Proctor: AATB will assign a contracted chief proctor from a local educational institution to administer the exam for all locations within the United States.

Examinee Registration

Open Date: Examinees may register for the exam beginning in June.

AATB Individual Members - $575
Non-members - $875

For questions or inquiries about the Certified Tissue Bank Specialist
Prep Course, exam hosting, or exam registration,
contact Jon Boyd at boydj@aatb.org.

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