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Introducing...Guide To Medical Examiner and Coroner Cases for the Donation Community​

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October 9, 2018

The American Association of Tissue Banks and the Eye Bank Association of America recognize the critical role that death investigators play in donation. Many potential donors are under the jurisdiction of a medical examiner, coroner or forensic pathologist. Lack of standard procedures, training or practices promoting the preservation of evidence can contribute to the death investigator decline, or restriction, of donation.

This document has been developed to provide examples of practices which have been successfully utilized in tissue and eye donation cases to improve relationships, preserve evidence and increase the opportunity for donation to take place on cases under investigation. Through this document, we will review practices and recommendations including; communication and requesting recovery release, documentation, physical findings, toxicology sample collection, radiography and more.

These practices are not requirements or standards, but have been developed to inform and educate the donation community about practices which may mutually serve the donor, donor family and recipient by establishing measures to improve interactions on cases shared by death investigators and recovery organizations.

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