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Non-transplant Code of Ethics Now Available

August 8, 2018

It was observed that the long-standing AATB Code of Ethics is geared only towards activities relating to tissue transplantation, and does not address common non-transplant activities, such as research and education. In response to this identified need, the AATB NADO Ad-Hoc Committee created a policy that included other aspects of donation, research and education.

Non-transplant activities are currently being conducted not only by NADOs, but by almost all AATB institutions in some form. The intent of this document was to make an ethics policy to encompass all of research and educational tissue use, not just from the non-transplant banks, but for transplant and reproductive organizations as well.

The Non-Transplant Code of Ethics is now available on the AATB website. You can also download the PDF here.

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