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Announcing the AATB Website Refresh

October 1, 2018

Over the past several months, we have been working on a website refresh to improve the content and user experience on our site. We are excited to announce that the refresh is now live! Visit aatb.org to view the changes and improvements. You can also learn more about the refresh below.

Why has the website been refreshed?

AATB's website has undergone some changes in order to pave the way towards a more user-friendly site.

What changes have been made?

As part of the website refresh, you might notice the following changes:​

  1. New content
  2. New page layouts
  3. New left sidebar navigation
  4. New homepage layouts
  5. New features including...
    - Photo galleries
    - Infographics
    - A calendar widget for Events & Education
    - Timelines for AATB Standards and history
    - And more!

Are there more changes coming?

Yes - this website refresh is only the beginning! We are going to continue working to improve AATB's website. 

How will I know about future website changes?

Any major website changes or modifications will be announced via email.

How can I report technicial bugs or error that I see on aatb.org?

Please fill out the Contact Us form here. Please select "Contact Webmaster" in the "How can we help you?" dropdown and provide as much detail about the issue as possible. 

If you have questions about the website refresh, please contact Hannah Wing-Bonica, Web Content Manager, at wingh@aatb.org.

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