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Education Passport: A One-Stop Shop for Your CEUs

Education Passport: A One-Stop Shop for Your CEUs

The AATB’s Education Passport allows you to access and purchase educational materials through one login. It enables you to register for events, submit and track your certification, and easily communicate with your councils and committees.

What is the Education Passport?

The Education Passport is the AATB’s one-stop shop for educational programming. It houses the AATB’s educational offerings — including past webinars, conferences, and presentations — and displays important updates. Over 4,100 AATB members and interested community members have become Education Passport users since it launched in 2009. The Education Passport houses 304 hours of recorded audio and 12,388 slides, and users have accessed webinars and presentations 11,125 times.

The Education Passport helps track our growing organization.

Between the several full conferences and 36 recorded webinars available through the Education Passport, there are hundreds of CEUs that users can earn.

The Education Passport allows the AATB to see which topics are the most popular, which helps us develop future content. For example, in 2016, the most attended webinar was “New Trends in Substance Abuse, Street Drugs and Clinical Findings,” with 77 sites registered for the webinar. Another popular webinar was “Hot Topics in Infectious Disease Screening,” with 70 sites registered. Surveys are provided after every webinar and conference. The AATB reviews audience feedback to make sure it’s providing the educational materials members desire.

The Education Passport’s future is bright.

So far, Education Passport users have logged in over 27,150 times; we expect this number will grow exponentially as more content is added. Our long-term goal is to develop a comprehensive tissue banking training program designed specifically for the Education Passport.

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