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Website Updates

The AATB website is constantly undergoing small changes in content and functionality to improve the user experience on our site. Here is a highlight of some of the changes that have been made so far this year, as well as a preview of some exciting new projects that are coming down the pipeline:

Survey Data: AATB has just published a webpage dedicated to tissue bank survey data, which features the most up-to-date statistics on tissue donation from the National Tissue Recovery through Utilization Survey.

Tissue Types: In an initiative to provide more content for the general public about the types of tissue that can be donated and how they are used to save and heal lives, AATB has begun publishing webpages for each tissue type. So far, we have published pages about birth tissue and skin, with additional pages scheduled to be released throughout the year.

Year in Review: Interested in an overview of AATB’s activities over the past year? Today we released our 2018 Year in Review, which can be found exclusively on our website.

Accreditation Update: In an effort to increase transparency and share more about information about accreditation, AATB has launched a bi-monthly Accreditation Update which will be featured in its entirety in Tissue Times. It will also be featured in a condensed version on the website.

The Future of AATB.org

Here is a preview of some of the new upcoming content that we have planned for the website in 2019:

Tissue Donor/Recipient Stories: This future series will focus on stories submitted by employees of accredited institutions and individual members of AATB. More information about how to submit a story will be shared via email on February 20th.

Articles, Whitepapers, and Case Studies: AATB will send out a call for articles, whitepapers, and case studies in March for our upcoming “Resources” section on AATB.org, which is slated to launch in September of this year.

Featured CTBS: This series will focus on stories from both current and future Certified Tissue Bank Specialists who will share why they became or plan to become CTBS certified, and how certification has benefited or will benefit them in their careers.

New content isn't the only change coming to AATB.org. The website's design and functionality will also continue to be improved to better serve site visitors.