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July 25, 2018 - 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM EDT

Presentation 4

Presentation Summary

The Organ Donation Breakthrough Collaborative was formed as a means of sharing best practices in the hopes of dramatically increasing the conversion rate for organ donors nationwide. One of the guiding principles of this effort was the belief that 90% of all organ donors are in 10% of hospitals. Therefore, efforts to increase the number of organ donors should be focused on these large centers.

However, increased acuity of patients in smaller facilities and the lack of bed space in trauma centers, due in part to the opioid epidemic, are causing this paradigm to be challenged. As a result, the need to shift some focus back onto non-trauma centers is critical.

This session will also discuss hospital development in Military Hospitals and potential active military deaths who may become organ and/or tissue donors while in a military hospital.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Hospital development within the Veterans Administration hospital.
  2. Discuss hospital development in rural hospitals, DMV offices, Coroner Office, and funeral homes..
  3. Discuss the different types of non-trauma centers and their needs (i.e rural hospitals [within a system and independent], VA hospitals and military hospitals).
  4. Explore the relationship between various forms of anatomical gift donations and why this is important in non-trauma centers.
  5. Examine the challenges non-trauma centers experience with anatomical gift donations.

Rural Regions, Military and VA Hospitals

Speakers: Charles White and Keith Larson
Day: July 25, 2018
Time: 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. EST


Charles White

Charles White

Charles White is a graduate of Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary with a Master of Arts in Religion focused on Ecclesiastical History and advanced degree (Master of Sacred Theology) with a focus on American Religion and Culture. Since 2000, Charles has worked in the Tissue Banking and OPO world first with Southeast Tissue Alliance in Gainesville, Florida as a family advocate then as a religious affairs coordinator and finally as a hospital development specialist. Since 2005, Charles has served as a hospital development specialist with Carolina Donor Services. Currently, Charles serves close to sixty non-trauma centers of various sizes and types. Charles is a former member of NATCO where he served on the Ethics and Communication committees and chaired an Ethics sub-committee that worked to craft a statement on the compensation of DCD donors. He has been a Certified Tissue Banking Specialist since 2002 and is an author who has written two fiction books and interviewed dozens of celebrities as part of an online magazine that ran for ten years. 

Keith Larson

Keith Larson

Currently Director of Tissue Outreach at Lifesharing Organ and Tissue Organization in San Diego for over 8 years. Duties include Organ and Tissue Outreach to Funeral Homes, Medical Examiners/Coroners office, Nursing Homes, Hospice Centers, DMV offices in San Diego County and Imperial County. Member of the American Association of Tissue Banks and Certified Tissue Bank Specialist since 1991. Eye Bank Assoc. of America Certified Eye Bank Technician since 1996.