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Council Information

All new members and renewing members must select a new council when completing their membership application. The council affiliation can be updated and/or changed at any time by updating your profile.

To view members of a specific council, visit the membership directory, and select the appropriate council from the drop down. The directory is restricted to current Individual Members.


Accredited Tissue Bank Council
Member's may not choose this Council on the Membership Application.
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: Kathlynn Simpson, CTBS
Co-Chair: Bruce Stroever
Vice-Chair: Mary Roth
Jeffrey Cox

Recovery and Donor Suitability Council
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Chair: Rick Kolovich
Vice-Chair: Walter Recker
Secretary: Ronda Horstman

Physicians' Council
Members must be an MD, DO, or DDS
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Chair: Ross Wilkins, MD
Vice-Chair: Daniel Schultz, MD
Secretary: James Alexander, MD

Reproductive Council
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Chair: Donna Ridder
Vice-Chair: Stephen Pool, PhD
Secretary: Sue Simmons

Processing and Distribution Council
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Chair: Louis Barnes
Vice-Chair: Jan Pierce
Secretary: Holly Hewitt

Quality Council
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Chair: Carrie Hartill
Vice-Chair: Rochelle Maney
Secretary: Agustin Carrillo-Garcia