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AATB does not update the document on a regular basis. Users should carefully review the
instructions recited at the beginning of the database, which explain its content and limitations.







This database is a compilation compendium of state statutory provisions relating to the permitting, licensing, certification and/or registration of tissue banks and organ procurement organizations in states in which one or more AATB-accredited tissue establishments has its headquarters or main corporate office. The database is intended to serve as a convenient starting point for identifying such provisions.

Users of this database should understand its limitations.

  • The database is not intended to, and does not, provide legal advice, and you should not rely upon it for that purpose.  If you desire legal advice concerning the application of, and compliance with, the provisions included in the database or any other, you should consult with an attorney.
  • The database is not intended to constitute instruction or guidance on how to obtain a permit, certification, license or registration in a particular state.
    This database contains live links to the provisions included herein.  The database was prepared as of October 15, 2018, and does not identify amendments, repeals or the adoption of new provisions, if any, that may have been effected subsequent to that date. Although this database may be updated in the future, users should check the actual state code to determine whether a particular provision has been repealed, supplemented or otherwise amended or revised. 
  • The database does not include summaries or interpretations of such provisions.
  • The database does not cover (1) states in which no AATB-accredited tissue bank operates, (2) states where AATB-accredited establishments operate only through satellite offices (i.e., where no AATB-accredited establishment maintains its headquarters or main corporate office), (3) federal (U.S.) statutes and regulations, (4) local laws and regulations, or (5) the statutes, laws or regulations of any other country. 
  • States in which AATB-accredited banks operate but that do not have statutory provisions relating to permitting, licensing, authorization or registration have been included in the database with a corresponding notation of “N/A”.
  • The database addresses only the statutory requirements for obtaining a permit, certification, license or registration in a particular state.  It does not include statutory or regulatory provisions relating to other requirements, e.g., operational or reporting requirements.
  • The database includes excerpts of provisions from various state statutes, but it does not include regulations found in the regulatory codes of the covered states.  You should consider applicable provisions of state regulatory codes, if any, which are not included here.
  • Terms used in the re-printed statutory provisions may be defined elsewhere in the particular state code or in corresponding regulatory codes. Such definitions will influence the proper interpretation of the statutory provision to which it relates. 
  • Although the database includes some definitions, in most cases applicable definitions have not been included.  Users of the database should identify and consider such definitions.
  • Terms used in statutory provisions included in this database do not necessarily have the same meaning as given to the same, or similar, terms in AATB’s 14th edition of Standards.
  • The database does not include statutory excerpts relating to the requirements to serve in particular capacities at tissue banking establishments, e.g., as medical director.
  • For further information on requirements and procedures relating to obtaining a permit, certification, license or registration, you may want to consult with state agencies having jurisdiction over such matters, e.g., a department of licensing and permitting, or a department of health.
  • There may be penalties for operating a tissue establishment without complying with an applicable requirement relating to permitting, licensing, authorization or registration.  The database does not identify such penalty provisions, if any.



 Applicable Statute 




 Ala. Code § 22-19-122. Promulgation of proficiency standards and quality assurance measures; certification to acquire and transport organs, etc.; updating of quality assurance standards


 Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 36-841. Definitions

 Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 36–851.01. Procurement organizations; licensure; renewal; fees; penalties; exceptions


 Cal. Health & Safety Code § 1635.1. Definitions, Licensure and Exceptions




 D.C. Code § 7-1541.03. Licenses


 CHAPTER 28. Sperm Bank and Tissue Bank Registry


 F.S.A. § 765.541. Certification of procurement organizations; agency responsibilities

 F.S.A. § 765.542. Requirements to engage in organ, tissue, or eye procurement


 Ga. Code Ann. § 31-22-1. Definitions

 Ga. Code Ann. § 31-22-2. Licenses




 20 Ill. Comp. Stat. § 2310/2310-330. Sperm and tissue bank registry; AIDS test for donors; penalties






 48 La. Admin. Code Pt I, 2903. Conditions for Participation




 MD Code, Health - General, § 17-305

 MD Code, Health - General, § 17-306

 MD Code, Health - General, § 17-307

 MD Code, Health - General, § 17-308

 MD Code, Health – General, §17–309

 MD Code, Health – General, §17–311

 MD Code, Health – General, §17–312

 MD Code, Health – General, §17–313












 N.J.S.A. § 26:6-71. Registration as anatomical research recovery organization

 N.J.S.A. § 26:6-70. Definitions relative to anatomical gifts for educational and research use




 N.R.S. § 629.360. Operation of cell or tissue bank authorized


 N.Y. Pub. Health § 4360. Definitions  

 N.Y. Pub. Health § 4362. Organ procurement organizations

 N.Y. Pub. Health § 4364. Licensure of banks and storage facilities




 63 Okla Stat. § 2209.1. Permits - Rules 

 63 Okla. Stat. Ann. § 109. Anatomical Donor Program Registration Act


 O.R.S. § 441.082. Organ procurement organizations, tissue and eye banks; duty to register; penalties

 O.R.S. § 441.079. Tissue banks; eye banks; registration; regulation


 20 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 8617. Requests for anatomical gifts












 VA Code Ann. § 32.1-291.2. Definitions

 VA Code Ann. § 32.1-297.1. The Virginia Transplant Council