Ensuring tissue banking activities are performed in a professional and safe manner

About the AATB Accreditation Program

To help ensure that tissue banking activities are performed in a professional manner consistent with the AATB’s Standards, the Association initiated an Accreditation Program for tissue establishments in 1986. AATB accreditation is based on the Standards and policies developed by the Association. Accredited Institutional Members receive reduced member rates for AATB meetings and workshops, and publications.

Questions about Accreditation

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Accredited Establishments Are

  • Committed

    Accredited establishments are committed to ensuring a safe supply of donated human tissue for transplant, research, and education.

  • Compliant

    Accredited establishments have successfully completed a rigorous inspection process and have been deemed to be compliant with AATB’s Standards.

  • Trusted

    Accredited establishments have demonstrated their respect for donor families and their commitment to quality and safety by participation in the AATB Accreditation Program.

Over 120 tissue banks around the world are committed to the quality and safety of donated human tissue.

Accreditation Process for New Applicants

The accreditation process for tissue establishments includes: application, inspection, evaluation, review.

In order to apply for accreditation, the following qualifications must be met for new applicants:

  • Must comply with federal, state, and local regulations.
  • Must be fully operational and compliant to AATB Standards at least six (6) months prior to the date of the application. 
  • Must have at least (6) months of sufficient records for each type of activity performed.

Once the applicant meets the above qualifications, then the new applicant interest form can be completed online. AATB's Accreditation Department will use the information provided in the application to determine if an applicant is eligible and ready to apply for accreditation.

Questions about Accreditation

Start the Accreditation Process

Inspections are performed by a highly qualified team of independent contract assessors. Following the inspection, a report is reviewed by the Accreditation Committee, comprised of AATB members from the tissue banking community with expertise in evaluating quality systems and regulatory compliance. 

The committee makes the determination if a tissue establishment is qualified for accreditation based on the report, response, and any follow-up information provided by the establishment during the evaluation process.


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