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About AATB's Accreditation Program

To help ensure that tissue banking activities are performed in a professional manner consistent with the AATB’s Standards, the Association initiated an Accreditation Program for tissue banks in 1986. AATB accreditation is based on the Standards and policies developed by the Association. Institutional members receive reduced member rates for AATB meetings and workshops, and publications. Learn more about how to apply for and renew AATB accreditation

AATB Inspection History

A timeline showing the total inspections and initial inspections done by AATB's third party inspectors between 2014 and 2018.

About AATB's Accreditation Policies

The American Association of Tissue Banks ("AATB", or "Association") Accreditation Policies are applicable to (1) tissue establishments that provide human tissue for transplantation or transfer, and (2) tissue establishments or other organizations that facilitate Non-Transplant Anatomical Donation (NTAD), whole body or parts of the body, donated for use in education and/or research.

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