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About the AATB Standards of Tissue Banking

First published in 1984 and presently in its 14th edition, the AATB’s Standards for Tissue Banking are recognized in both the United States and around the world as the definitive guide for tissue banking. These Standards are the only private tissue-banking standards published in the United States, and they are the most comprehensive and detailed tissue-banking standards in the world. As such, the AATB’s Standards have served as the model for federal and state regulations as well as several international directives and standards. Currently, the statutes and/or regulations of more than 20 states reference AATB’s Standards, institutional accreditation, or individual certification.

The Standards for Tissue Banking include expectations and guidance on:

  • General institutional requirements
  • Functional components
  • Records Management
  • Authorization and consent practices
  • Donor screening and testing, and suitability
  • Parameters surrounding tissue recovery operations
  • Tissue processing, packaging, labeling, storage and distribution
  • Establishment and maintenance of a quality program