Standards Inquiry Form

It is AATB's policy to seek to provide information that is objectively selected, vetted and approved by the appropriate governing bodies of the Association, whether such information is provided to members, non-members, or the public.

Our policy requires that all formal responses to questions and inquiries be channeled through the appropriate committee(s) and governing body(ies) of the Association so that the specific issues raised are addressed in a balanced and unbiased manner. While this process generally takes a considerable amount of time, it is in your and the public's best interest that we tap into the collective knowledge and experience of the professional tissue banking community.

  • If you need only an informal response, please select "informal response." Doing so generally will expedite the processing of your question, although that categorization is not binding on the Association.
  • Before submitting a question, please read the Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer.
  • To expedite the process, please provide all of the required information.