Certified Tissue Bank Specialist (CTBS) Certification

CTBS is the only professional designation available specifically for the tissue banking community

CTBS: Your Pathway to Excellence in Tissue Banking

Certified Tissue Bank Specialist (CTBS) is the only professional designation specifically for the tissue banking community, signifying deep knowledge of fundamental principles and AATB Standards. Whether you're entering the field or a seasoned expert, CTBS validates your expertise and dedication.

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Who Should Pursue CTBS Certification?

Successfully passing the CTBS exam signifies knowledge of critical job functions, AATB's Standards for Tissue Banking, and regulatory requirements for donated human tissue for transplantation. CTBS certification is essential for professionals engaged in various aspects of tissue banking, including but not limited to:

  • Tissue Recovery
  • Family Support/Services
  • Donor Screening
  • Medical Directorship
  • Birth Tissue Acquisition
  • Quality Assurance/Compliance
  • Tissue Processing
  • Tissue Distribution
  • End-User Support

Employers often require or prefer CTBS certification, recognizing its significance in ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and best practices.

The CTBS Process: Your Journey to Certification?

  1. Eligibility
    Candidates should possess a Baccalaureate Degree and six months of experience, or 12 months of relevant experience in tissue banking-related fields. Diversified experience and participation in the AATB CTBS Review Course are highly recommended.

  2. Register for the CTBS Review Course
    The AATB CTBS Review Course, the sole AATB-approved program, offers 15 hours of comprehensive tissue banking content. This self-paced course equips aspiring CTBS professionals with essential resources to excel in the CTBS Exam, covering vital areas like Quality, Donor Screening, Recovery and Acquisition, Tissue Processing, and Tissue Distribution. Through video lectures, handouts, and practice tests, participants hone their test-taking skills and fortify their knowledge, ensuring thorough preparation for certification. Moreover, it serves as an invaluable refresher for seasoned tissue bank professionals, reinforcing core principles and concepts.

    CTBS Review Course Syllabi:

    1. Introduction
    a. Course and Examination Overview
    b. Introduction: Terms, Phrases and Definitions
    c. AATB Standards for Tissue Banking (Handout)

    2. Quality Module 
    a. Tissue Recovery Agency Operations
    b. Quality Systems, Quality Management, & Training Requirements 
    c. Overview of AATB’s Accreditation Process and Its Relation to AATB’s Standards

    3. Donor Screening Module
    a. Authorization: Donor Registry & Required Elements
    b. The Intent of the DRAI & Risk Assessment
    c. Review of Relevant Medical Records
    d. Physical Assessment 
    e. Donor Testing and Basic Immunology Concepts
    f. Plasmadilution: Basic Concepts & Algorithms
    g. Donor Cooling Guidelines & Ischemic Criteria

    4. Recovery and Acquisition Module
    a. Donor Preparation & Recovery Site Assessment 
    b. Review of Aseptic Technique 
    c. Overview of Birth Tissue & Relevant AATB Standards 
    d. Relevant Anatomy
    e. Skin Recovery Overview
    f. Musculoskeletal Recovery Overview
    g.Cardiovascular Recovery Overview

    5. Tissue Processing Module
    a. Labeling, Storage, and Validation
    b. Tissue Processing Basics
    c. Tissue Processing Details

    6. Tissue Distribution Module
    a. Tissue Distribution 101
    b. Recalls and Adverse Outcomes 
    c. Clinical Applications of Cardiac and Vascular Tissues
    d. Clinical Applications for Musculoskeletal Allograft
    e. Clinical Application of Split and Full Thickness Skin Grafts

    Live CTBS Q&A Sessions:
    Professionals will have an opportunity to join two live Q&A sessions to connect and ask questions to CTBS Review Course presenters and AATB staff about the course materials, examination and/or registration process or any other information you may want to know before you take the CTBS exam.

    Member: $475 | Non-Member: $775
    Free for CTBS Exam registrants during the same year the exam is administered. 

    Why should you enroll in the CTBS Review Course?
    • CTBS Review Course presenters are seasoned tissue bank professionals with expertise in the different core areas covered by this course.
    • Course syllabi is focused on materials likely to be covered on the CTBS examination.
    • Multiple-choice practice tests within each module to help you optimize your test-taking skills and reinforce knowledge.
    • Ability to print or download the handouts so you can study at your own pace.
    • Exclusive access to two live CTBS Q&A sessions to get your questions answered.
    • Up to 15 CTBS/CEBT CEU Credits (for current CTBS and/or CEBT professionals only)

    Register for the CTBS Review Course
    *Please note the CTBS Review Course is FREE for CTBS Exam registrants during the same year the exam is administered. 

  3. Take the CTBS Exam
    Developed by the AATB Certification Committee, the CTBS Exam evaluates candidates' understanding and application of AATB Standards, regulations, and best practices.

    2024 Exam Dates:
    October 1-31, 2024

    Member: $675 | Non-Member: $975

    Register for the 2024 CTBS Exam
    *Please note, registration for the 2024 CTBS Exam is now open in the AATB Portal.
    If you do not have an AATB Portal Account, you will need to create one to proceed with registration. By late August, all exam registrants will receive an email with detailed instructions on scheduling their exam at their preferred Kryterion testing center.

Maintaining Your CTBS Designation

Certified Tissue Banks Specialists must renew the CTBS designation every three years. Recertification requires a minimum of 40 CEUs and timely payment of the recertification fee.


PDF: AATB CTBS Recertification Guide

This Recertification Guide outlines policies and procedures regarding the collection, approval, and processing of continuing education credits and is available as a reference to all Certified Specialists.

Download the PDF

PDF: AATB CTBS Recertification Guide - For Those Recertifying in 2025 and Beyond

The CTBS Recertification Guide is a vital resource, outlining policies and procedures crucial for maintaining the CTBS designation. Regularly reviewing and updating this guide is paramount, ensuring alignment with evolving practices.

Download the PDF

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