2022 Recovery and Donor Eligibility Council Officer Slate


Louis Jares

Louis Jares
MTF Biologics

Louis Jares is an Education Director with the MTF Biologics. Having been in the tissue banking industry for almost 26 years, he began his work in the field of donation at the Mile High Transplant Bank in Denver in 1996 and has since also worked for Donor Alliance and The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank.   
Louis has a Bachelor of Science in biology and is also a Certified Tissue Bank Specialist (1998), was a Certified Eye Bank Technician (2003-2021), is a retired Registered Diplomate with the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators (2006 & Retired 2021), and an affiliate member of the National Association of Medical Examiners (2009) where he is the official moderator of educational offerings since 2020.  He has participated in several committees and projects over the years including the AATB Accreditation and Education Committees, the Donor Alliance Mortuary Resource Committee, tissue banking consultation in Canada (Blood Center of Canada Education Modules), Republic of Colombia, Germany, Bulgaria, and the Netherlands.

He has participated on several AATB Councils and Committees over the years, including the Education Committee, the Birth Tissue Standards Working Group, and is currently the RADE Council Vice-Chair. Louis also has presented at several AATB Annual Meetings and on the CTBS Exam Preparatory Courses.
If elected to Chair of the RADE Council, Louis will continue work with AATB and other councils to address current projects and emerging challenges.  He is also eager to engage newer AATB members from a variety of backgrounds to become active in the Association and bring new ideas and diverse perspectives to Association goals.  Louis hopes that his career experience helps RADE navigate the next two years by helping AATB adapt to what appear to be unprecedented times and current events.


Mark DeFilippis

Mark DeFilippis
New England Donor Services, Inc.

It has been my pleasure to serve AATB RADE Council in the capacity of Secretary over the past four years. I am looking forward to the opportunity to run for Vice Chair of RADE, and continuing my service to AATB, donor families and recipients. Over the next two years I would like to continue our focus on safety, efficiency and best practices that will help us continue to strive for the very best outcomes. In the previous two years RADE has produced a Sepsis module for screening, a review of UDRAI questions, comments contributing to Standards, communication and collaboration across councils to assure efficiencies. One of the major projects that we would like to accomplish in the next term is to take a critical look at the DRAI to assure all of the relevant questions are effectively and efficiently executed, to accomplish that aspect of donor eligibility. All of this with the donor family in the front of mind, so the historian the best experience that we can possibly provide. I sincerely appreciate your consideration and look forward to my continued work with AATB.


Alyssa Harrison

Alyssa Harrison
LifeShare of Oklahoma

Alyssa Harrison has proudly been a part of the donation community for the past 10 years. She currently services at the Vice President of Tissue Operations at LifeShare of Oklahoma. She has been with LifeShare of Oklahoma since March of 2019. Prior to this she served as the Executive Director of United Tissue Network, a non-transplant donation organization.

In her current role, she oversees all aspects of Tissue Recovery and Donation Services, including day to day management, donor assessment and evaluation, organization policy, procedure protocol application, training, strategic planning and administrative duties. She reviews and evaluates all performance metrics and key performance indicators with a primary focus on identifying opportunities for improvement and growth for both departments.  She also works closely the other members of the executive leadership to develop and execute strategic plans and annual operative and capital budgets.

She has earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master of Adult Education from the University of Central Oklahoma and a Master of Business Administration from Washington State University. She is currently seeking to obtain her Doctorate of Education in Public Health Education from the American College of Education. Alyssa is CTBS certified and has been very active within AATB including the below involvement:
Member- 2013-present 
RADE Council member 2014-2018; 2021-present
Standards Committee Member 2014- Present
Education Committee Member 2021-present
NADO Council Chair 2018-2020
Board of Governs Member 2018-2020
NADO Ad-Hoc Committee Creator and Chairperson 2016-2018
Communications Committee Member 2014-2016