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Current Date : 08/17/2018 11:49:43
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Frank S. Wilton

President & Chief Executive Officer

Roman Hitchev, M.D.

Vice President & Chief Science Officer

Jason LoVerdi, CTBS

Vice President of Accreditation

Jennifer Keller, CMP

Vice President of Meetings & Member Services

Kathy Crandall

Vice President of Finance & Administration

Jon Boyd, CTBS

Director of Education & Certification

Michelle Lewis, ASQ CBA, RAC, CTBS

CAPA Analyst

Fran Kreiner

Executive Assistant

Deanna Puglia

Communications Manager

Ashley Milligan

Database Manager

Hannah Wing-Bonica

Content Manager

Valerie Cruz, LPN, CTBS

Accreditation Coordinator

Julie Bly

Director of Member Engagement & Marketing