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Please review the following terms below as they are referenced within the new applicant interest form.

NON-TRANSPLANT ANATOMICAL DONATION ORGANIZATION (NADO) – A tissue bank or other organization that facilitates Non-Transplant Anatomical Donation (NTAD) including referral, obtaining Informed Consent or Authorization, Acquisition, Traceability, Transport, assessing Donor acceptability, Preparation, packaging, labeling, Storage, release, evaluating intended use, Distribution, and Final Disposition of Non-Transplant Anatomical Donations.

REPRODUCTIVE TISSUE BANK (R) – A tissue bank that collects, processes, stores, and/or distributes human reproductive tissue for use in assisted reproductive technology procedures.

SATELLITE FACILITY – A facility operated or owned by the tissue bank (or NADO) and located in a physically separate location from its primary address, and where any tissue banking (or NADO) activities occur or where any tissue banking (or NADO) services are provided.

TISSUE BANK – An entity that provides or engages in one or more services involving tissue from living or deceased persons for transplantation purposes. These services include obtaining authorization and/or informed consent, assessing donor eligibility, recovery, collection, acquisition, processing, storage, labeling, distribution and dispensing of tissue.

TISSUE DISPENSING SERVICE – Any entity that receives, stores, and provides tissue directly to an end-user for transplantation. Tissue dispensing services may or may not be tissue banks, depending on what other functions they perform.

TISSUE DISTRIBUTION INTERMEDIARY – An intermediary agent who acquires and stores tissue for further distribution and performs no other tissue banking functions.

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