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Honoring the Gift: The American Association of Tissue Banks at 40 (Hardcopy)

The cover of Honoring the Gift: The American Association of Tissue Banks at 40

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AATB's Standards of Tissue Banking (Hardcopy)

The cover of the AATB's 14th Edition Standards for Tissue Banking

Standards Hardcopy

Member Pricing Non-Member Pricing
$75 $100

Standards Digital Access*

Option Type of Access Member Pricing Non-Member Pricing
Option A Single User $75 $100
Option B Entire Site/Location $500 $800
Option C Organization-Wide/Multiple Locations $900 $1,590


*Please note that options A-C allow for access to a PDF version of the Standards via  eAccess to Standards in the AATB portal


2nd Edition Standards for Non-Transplant Anatomical Donation (Digital Edition)

AATB's 2nd edition Standards for Non-Transplant Anatomical Donation


Member Pricing Non-Member Pricing
$75 $100

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