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Current Date : 02/22/2018 15:24:29
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The Accredited Tissue Bank Council (ATBC) provides its members with the opportunity to participate and collaborate on current issues affecting Accredited Tissue Banks. The ATBC ensures that the highest level of compliance to AATB Standards and FDA regulations are among Accredited Tissue Banks.

Activities include:
  • Identifying issues relevant to accredited tissue banks and to provide a forum for review and discussion
  • Providing a forum to identify collaborative processes of accredited tissue banks and make recommendations to appropriate committees and the membership to respond to FDA guidance on these collaborative processes.
  • Developing tools and guidance recommendations for accredited tissue banks to facilitate their compliance with inspections due to changes in Standards and FDA guidance and regulations
  • Providing a forum to review and standardize the uniformity of the inspection and accreditation process and forwarding those recommendations to the Standards and Accreditation committees
  • Providing a forum for recommendations to the AATB governing body on the fee structure that accredited tissue banks pay to become and remain accredited and audited by AATB
  • Promoting and supporting federal and state initiatives to require AATB accreditation and the adoption of AATB Standards for all tissue banks
  • Provide a forum for the development of policies recognizing and recommending the exclusive use of tissue from AATB-Accredited Tissue Banks


Co-Chairman: Beverly Bliss

Co-Chairman: George Herrera

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