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Availability of the "Donor Risk Assessment Interview" Form

News Release Issued: May 7, 2012

The first consensus document designed for use when obtaining information regarding the medical history and behavioral risk for a donor of organs or tissues, including ocular tissue, is now available. This inaugural form, Donor Risk Assessment Interview, is for use when screening a donor >12 years old. Versions in Microsoft Word (.docx) and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) can be accessed at these links:

Donor Risk Assessment Interview (Donor >12 years old), 5-7-12.docx

Donor Risk Assessment Interview (Donor >12 years old), 5-7-12.pdf

Representatives of a multi-organizational, stakeholder group have completed review of more than 500 comments received after a draft version of the form was released in December 2010 for public consultation. The donation and transplantation stakeholder group's resolutions to comments include not only improvements to many questions but also to the style of the form. A plan included publication of the form as a "fillable .pdf," however, due to document control issues that involve software validation and the expectation for an audit trail that tracks changes to entries, provision of that version was recently scrapped. 

Support documents to accompany the interview form, User Instructions and a flowchart for each question, will be developed and made available this summer. Discussion continues among stakeholder associations regarding development of a training program for interviewers, quality assurance personnel and other interested persons. Stakeholder representatives continue with plans to finalize interview questions to be used when screening a child donor (< 12 years old). 

The nation's foremost authority on health history and behavioral risk surveys, the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), is concurrently analyzing this interview form. NCHS is taking a two-phase approach to qualify it: qualitatively by using cognitive interviewing techniques, and quantitatively by a specific field-testing plan that includes bereaved persons. This makes the interview form a living document subject to improvements that will be suggested by these scientific studies. Thus, users are highly discouraged from changing any questions, preambles to questions, or the format in any manner (e.g., content, order, deletion) because doing so removes your ability to apply findings by NCHS to your form. If any questions are added, they can only be inserted before the first question or after the last question. 

A User Group web portal, to enter experiences and suggestions that may lead to improvements to future editions, is planned soon and will be announced. Issuance of any updates to the Donor Risk Assessment Interview form will be by consensus. 

A regulatory and standards review document can be accessed at this link: 

DRAI (donor >12 yrs) versus Requirements, 5-7-12

An overview regarding the Uniform Donor History Questionnaire (UDHQ) Project can be obtained here: 

UDHQ-OTE Project Overview and Update, 5-7-12

Contact Scott Brubaker if you have any questions.