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Current Date : 02/22/2018 15:22:24
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The Standing Committees of the Association are the American Board of Tissue Banking (“ABTB”), Accreditation Committee, Bylaws and Ethics Committee, Communications Committee, Education Committee, Finance Committee, Membership Committee, Nominating and Awards Committee, Program Committee, Scientific and Technical Affairs Committee (“STAC”), and Standards Committee. Committees may adopt charters, and may establish criteria for membership, including for example, work-related, professional or other experience germane to the Committee’s responsibilities, provided that any such charter must be consistent with the Bylaws.


“One of my favorite aspects of gathering the Communications Committee at the AATB Annual Meeting is the field trips.  Whether it was visiting LOPA for a tour and podcast taping to share more about tissue donation and transplantation or heading to Keralink and seeing for the first time how corneas are recovered, these experiences provided unique opportunities to leverage the event cities.  Not only did we learn more about different aspects of donation and deepen our understanding and passion for the industry, but we were also given the opportunity share our work in tissue, providing a collaborative experience.”

– AATB Communications Committee Member