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Current Date : 02/22/2018 15:26:10
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What are AATB Councils?

Councils represent the viewpoints of the various disciplines that relate to tissue recovery, processing, storage, distribution, and transplantation. Each council consists of individual and institutional members of the association interested in that particular discipline or council. There is no minimum or maximum number of members that may serve on a particular council.  Each council may recommend standards for tissue banking to the Standards Committee as well as educational or scientific programs to be presented at meetings of the association. Join a council today by clicking here.


Accredited Tissue Banks Council 

The ATBC consists of Individual Members, each of whom has been designated by his/her respective Accredited Institutional Member to serve as its representative on the Council.

The Accredited Tissue Bank Council (ATBC) provides its members with the opportunity to participate and collaborate on issues affecting accredited tissue banks. Officers: Co-Chair George Herrera of Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF) – Edison and Co-Chair Beverly Bliss of RTI Donor Services. Read more about the ATBC.

Physicians Council 

The Physicians Council serves as an educational forum for physicians to discuss issues related to tissue banking, donor suitability, or the medical application of tissue products.  The Physicians Council consists of Individual Members, Affiliated Member Representatives (AMR) and Emeritus Members legally authorized to practice medicine, dentistry or osteopathy, and who work or have an interest in tissue banking for transplantation or non-anatomical donation/use for education, provided that Individual Members, AMRs and Emeritus Members who previously were authorized to practice but are now retired from practice may serve on the Physicians Council.   Officers: Chair Lennox Archibald, M.D., of RTI Donor Services and Vice Chair Laurie Sutor of Transplant Services Center – Dallas. Read more about the Physicians Council. 

Processing & Distribution Council 

The P&D Council has involvement in relevant AATB task forces and activities focusing on areas such as emergency preparedness, packaging qualification/validations, reimbursement, and the regulatory environment (US & OUS). Officers: Chair Jeffrey Cartmell of MTF and Vice Chair Tina Trimble of Bone Bank Allografts. Read more about the P&D Council.

Quality Council

The Quality Council reviews and suggests changes to AATB standards as well as best practices related to quality systems. Officers: Chair Jackie Warn of DCI Donor Services and Vice Chair Jennifer “Jen” Drago of Advanced Quality Resources. Read more about the Quality Council.

Recovery & Donor Suitability Council 

The R&DS Council is a forum for those interested in donor recovery, screening, suitability assessment, and/or family support services to meet and collaborate on relevant topics. Officers: Chair Ronda Horstman of CryoLife Inc. and Vice Chair Louis Jares of MTF – Edison. Read more about the R&DS Council.

Reproductive Council

The Reproductive Council is a forum for members to exchange, communicate, and develop ideas related to reproductive tissue (sperm, oocytes and embryos) collection, processing, storage, and distribution. Officers: Chair Jaime Shamonki, M.D., of California Cryobank LLC and Vice Chair Michelle Ottey of Fairfax Cryobank. Read more about the Reproductive Council.