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Current Date : 08/17/2018 11:39:38


CTBS Exam Overview

In order to become designated as a Certified Tissue Bank Specialist (CTBS), individuals must receive a passing score on the AATB Certified Tissue Bank Specialist Examination.

The AATB Certified Tissue Bank Specialist Examination is comprised of 130 multiple-choice test items intended to assess the comprehensive knowledge, understanding, and application of the AATB Standard for Tissue Banking, relevant regulations, and best practices associated with tissue banking. The exam is not limited to memorization of facts alone; rather, it is meant to assess the ability of the candidate to apply the subject material and concepts.

The 2018 Certified Tissue Banking Specialist Examination will be held simultaneously on Saturday, October 13th from 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. ET at all locations worldwide.

The main exam location will be onsite at the AATB Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas. There are commonly 25-30 additional remote locations located both domestically and internationally. Site locations can register any time by August 31st, so check the registration page periodically if you do not initially see the site where you would like to take the exam.



Open Registration: Examinees may register for the exam beginning in June. The deadline for individual registration is September 21st.

AATB Member $575.00
Non-Member $875.00


Recommended Experience and (or) Educational Background

Baccalaureate Degree and 6 months of experience (or) 12 months of experience in one or more of the following tissue banking related fields: assessing donor eligibility; tissue recovery; tissue establishment management/ leadership, tissue processing, storage or distribution; quality assurance, educator/trainer end user, (i.e. orthopedist or dental surgeon) supplier or manufacturer for tissue establishments or supporting role.

All prospective candidates for examination must submit a signed code of conduct.

Diversified tissue banking experience and participation in the AATB CTBS Exam Prep Course are highly recommended.


Completed examinations are graded by PAI Corporation, a third party contracted firm dedicated to this process. The evaluation and final grading of the examination will be reviewed and finalized by the American Board of Tissue Banking. Examinees will be notified of their outcome within 6 weeks of completing the examination.

 For statistical information about the 2017 CTBS exam, please refer to the Summary of October 2017 Certification Examination.

For more information about the CTBS Examination, contact Jonathan Boyd at boydj@aatb.org.

Note: It has been brought to the attention of AATB that some independent companies have created study guides, practice tests, and flash cards intended to help candidates prepare for the AATB CTBS exam. These documents are not endorsed by the AATB, and many of the test answers included in the material are incorrect. We would like to remind CTBS exam candidates that only the materials directly provided by the Association are AATB-approved.

CTBS Exam Site Hosting Information

There are NO paper forms required to register your site as a 2018 CTBS Alternate Exam Site. You may use this link to register, submit payment and provide all of the application information.

Please provide the name of your organization, as well as the location which the exam will be held. (i.e. if you are using a remote testing center). Please note: Your site will not be posted and examinees will not be able to register to take the exam at your location until the site registration process has been completed.

Hosting the Exam in the United States

Fees: The examination hosting fee is a flat rate of $2,000.

Chief Proctor: AATB will assign a contracted proctor from a local educational institution to administer the exam for all locations within the United States.

Assistant Proctors: You must have one assistant proctor as a representative of your organization, and one additional assistant proctor for each increment of twenty-five examinees.

International Exam Hosting

Fees: We realize travel to the United States may not be an option or financially reasonable for international examinees. For this reason, there is no fee for exam hosting for international exam sites.

Chief Proctor: If you are hosting the exam outside of the United States, you must assign a chief proctor, which may be a member of your organization's executive team or an employee of an educational institution. AATB will not submit payment or travel reimbursements to chief proctors at international exam sites.

Assistant Proctors: You must provide an assistant proctor to grant access to the testing facility if you have selected a chief proctor outside of your organization. No assistant proctors will be required if you have less than five examinees and a chief proctor from within your organization.