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Current Date : 02/22/2018 15:26:23
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The purpose of the Physicians’ Council is to represent the interests and viewpoints of physicians related to tissue banking, transplant medicine and the AATB. The Council will provide professional advice and recommendations to the Association in regard to the development of Standards, policies, and programs. The Council will also serve as an educational forum for physicians to discuss issues related to tissue banking, donor suitability, or the medical application of tissue products. 
Activities include: 
  • The Council may recommend new AATB Standards, policies or programs, or propose changes to existing ones. 
  • As requested by the Standards Committee or Board of Governors, the Council will evaluate and approve by majority vote any proposed Standard, policy, or other action of a medical nature. 
  • The Council will convene specialized subcommittees and/or work groups, such as the Tissue Transmitted Diseases Advisory Group (TTDAG), as needed to discuss specific issues and provide recommendations to the council. 
  • The Council will provide professional educational programs at the Quality and Donor Suitability Workshop and Fall Annual Meetings for Tissue Bank Medical Directors, surgeons, and other physicians with an interest in tissue banking. 
  • The Council will provide speakers, medical advice, or other assistance as requested, in support of AATB educational activities, such as the Quality and Donor Suitability Workshop.
  • Interested active Council members will be appointed to various AATB committees and be encouraged to serve on Task Forces and Workgroups as needed. 


Chairman: Lennox Archibald, MD

Vice Chairman: Laurie Sutor

Secretary: Alan Tillis

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