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Current Date : 02/22/2018 15:23:26
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The Processing and Distribution Council provides its members with the opportunity to participate and contribute to the growth and advancement of the tissue banking industry, the AATB, and their own careers. It is a forum for those involved or interested in tissue processing and distribution activities to collaborate, share experiences and uncover opportunities to educate both internal and external stakeholders to maximize the safety and efficiency of tissue Processing and Distribution. 
Activities & Areas of Focus/Interest include (but are not limited to):
  • Involvement in relevant AATB task forces & activities focusing on areas such as Emergency Preparedness, Packaging qualification/validations, Reimbursement, Regulatory Environment (US & OUS).
  • Development and support of educational opportunities for the AATB Membership. This includes recommendation of speakers for the Spring and Annual Meetings focused on clinical needs/ applications for tissue, clinical outcomes, as well as tissue processing tracks.
  • Review and suggest changes to Standards and best practices related to Processing, Treatment, Packaging, Storage & Distribution methods. The Council will engage in & support those activities such as providing Subject Matter Experts to assist in drafting Guidance Documents or perform/support research activities related to PAD.
  • Any other relevant activities to support the vision and strategic plan of AATB


Chairman: Jeff Cartmell

Vice Chairman: Tina Trimble 

Secretary: Bryan McPhee

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