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Current Date : 02/22/2018 15:23:50
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The AATB has six councils representing the following disciplines and members: Accredited Tissue Bank (ATBC), Physicians, Processing and Distribution, Quality, Recovery and Donor Suitability, and Reproductive.

The Quality Council consists of Individual Members, Accredited Institutional Member Representatives (AIMRs), and Emeritus Members who have an interest in the science, technology and practice of quality systems in tissue banking.  The Quality Council shall provide its members with the opportunity to participate and contribute to the growth and advancement of the tissue banking profession, the AATB, and their own careers. The Quality Council also provides a forum for those involved with and interested in promoting the knowledge of safe donor eligibility selection, effective recovery, appropriate testing, processing and distribution of tissue through relevant quality practices, processes and standards. 
Members of the Quality Council understand the AATB’s Standards and Accreditation Policies, and Regulatory Compliance including but not limited to: Systems Analysis, Basic Tools of Continuous Quality Improvement, Flowcharting, Value Steam Mapping, Cause and Effect Diagrams Check Sheets, Run Charts, Histograms, Pareto Charts, Control Charts, Scatter Plots, Root Cause Analysis and CAPA systems, and internal and external auditing processes.    

Areas of Focus and Interest include (but are not limited to):
1. Reviewing and suggesting changes to AATB Standards as well as best practices related to Quality Systems.
2. Involvement in relevant initiatives and activities such as electronic records, evaluating the regulatory impact of tissue recovery practices, information sharing and requirements, promptly review AATB Guidance Documents and other relevant information pertaining to Standard updates, and implement internationally quality terminology for AATB Standards. 
3. Establish performance metrics for Quality Council Officers, Committees, and Task Force Members.
4. Support educational opportunities for the AATB Membership by recommending speakers and topics affecting the tissue banking industry at the AATB QDSW and Annual Meetings.
5. Conduct regular Quality Council Meetings both in person and online to discuss relevant topics in the tissue banking industry and network with Quality Professionals in the industry.

 The Quality Council Contacts are as follows:
 Chair - Jackie Warn, Nevada Donor Network; jwarn@nvdonor.org
 Vice Chair - Jennifer (Jen) Drago, Advanced Quality Resources; jendrago@yahoo.com
 Secretary - Rebecca Smith, Alabama Organ Center; rebeccasmith@alabamaorgancenter.org
 Liaison - Jenny Chatman, American Association of Tissue Banks; chatmanj@aatb.org