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Current Date : 06/25/2018 07:34:30
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Physicians Council

The following groups are active within the Physicians Council:​

  • Panel on the Role of the Medical Director of a Recovery Organization​
  • Panel on the Reduction of the Rule-out Microorganisms for Skin Grafts​
  • Panel on anti-HepBc-total Positive Donors​
  • Panel on Dementia​

Standards Committee

The following groups are active within the Standards Committee:

  • Joint Group on Recovery Auditing and Appendix V​
  • Subcommittee on Questions and Inquiries​
  • Working Group on BT​
  • Working Group on Updating GD No. 3 cGTPs​
  • Working Group on Updating K1.220 Packaging Qualification & Transport Shipping Validation​
  • Working Group in Updating the UDRAI​
  • Working Group on ZIKV​

Additional Groups

  • Emergency Preparedness Task Force