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Current Date : 04/26/2018 22:34:46
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Affiliate membership is open to any manufacturer, supplier, shipping, packaging, laboratory, or storing organization that is not eligible for accreditation.

The company must share AATB’s vision and mission:

  • AATB supports the advancement of tissue bank professionals and tissue banking technologies so no one suffers from the lack of donated human tissue.
  • Mission Statement: The American Association of Tissue Banks is the premier standard setting body promoting the safety and use of donated human tissue.

Expectations and Responsibility:
AATB and the Affiliate organization will work together to achieve the following purposes:

  • Provide assistance and services that support all AATB’s Accredited Banks and its Individual Members.
  • Promote and encourage the appropriate practices of tissue banking as stated in the “Standards for Tissue Banking” and to improve the overall quality of tissue banking nationwide.
  • Support all tissue bank professionals with their everyday needs and practices.
  • Encourage research and evaluation relating to the effective use of the AATB Standards and to promote the dissemination of such research to practitioners.
  • Provide any new up-to-date information, news, and groundbreaking technologies to AATB accredited banks and members.
  • Facilitate the achievement of all of the above by getting involved with activities including, but not limited to: AATB Annual Conference, workshops, seminars, webinars, the preparation of publications, and the development of other materials useful to the membership and the tissue banking industry.
  • Participation and attendance to select committee meetings is highly encouraged but not mandatory.

Discounts and Benefits

  • 5 complimentary individual memberships that will have access to member-only areas of the AATB member portal that includes but is not limited to discussion forums, documents, membership and organization directories, and more. (these individual members are classified as non-voting individual affiliate members)
  • Use AATB individual membership discounts for any program.
  • Member rate for exhibit booth space
  • 10% off of any sponsorship item or opportunity for any function
  • Listing of your company name, company description, and banner button on the AATB website.
  • Receive scheduled analytic web traffic/activity reports to monitor your exposure on the AATB website.
  • Recognize your affiliation with AATB by placing an AATB Affiliate Membership banner button on your website.