Accredited for Activity


Obtaining NTAD that is intended for use in education and/or research. 


Permission given after adequate information concerning the donation, recovery or acquisition, and use of tissue is conveyed.


Process that includes receipt of a request for tissue, selection of appropriate finished tissue, preparation for transport, any required inspections, and subsequent shipment and delivery of tissue to another tissue bank, tissue distribution intermediary, tissue dispensing service, or end-user.

Donor Eligibility Determination

A determination that a donor was either eligible or ineligible to donate cells or tissue, based on the results of donor screening and testing.

Donor Screening

Evaluation of the donor’s available medical/social information for risk factors for, and clinical evidence of, relevant communicable disease agents and disease and communicable disease risks including tissue bank specific criteria. This does not include donor eligibility determination.

Informed Consent

Permission given by a living donor (LD) who is presented with a description of the scope, use and any risks or benefits of the proposed donation, and who has been given the opportunity to ask questions and receive accurate answers. An LD who gives informed consent to donation shall sign a record of the informed consent.


Means any person who, directly or indirectly, (a) owns, controls, or has the power to vote or sell, or direct the vote or sale of, or interests in, a Tissue Establishment, or (b) otherwise has the power to control the actions, decisions, policies and/or management of a Tissue Establishment whether, or not, through ownership of securities.


Any activity performed on tissue other than donor screening, donor testing, recovery, storage, or distribution. It includes but is not limited to preparation, disinfecting, sterilizing, primary and/or secondary packaging, labeling, and testing tissue.


Obtaining cells or tissues from a human donor that are intended for use in human transplantation, implantation, infusion, transfer, research, or education. For birth tissue, recovery is synonymous with acquisition. For reproductive tissue, recovery is synonymous with collection.


The maintenance of tissue for future use.