Bulletin 20-4

Surgical Gown Recall and Potential PPE Shortage

On January 24, 2020, AATB issued Bulletin 20-1, notifying members that Cardinal Health had issued a voluntary recall for 9.1 million AAMI Level 3 surgical gowns. To help address recall-related supply shortages, Cardinal Health has increased its production of similar products and has been working with industry partners who offer competing products to help bridge the supply gap. Medline has offered to try to help customers affected by this situation and other potential PPE shortages if they can.

AATB has also been made aware of potential supply shortages for face masks and PPE as a result of the Wuhan Coronavirus. Below are some important facts as related to this outbreak:

  • The Chinese government is prioritizing facemask and PPE production for the domestic Chinese market, and hence, the US can expect a potential reduction in capacity and/or delayed shipments from some factories.
  • A large percentage of PPE is manufactured in Hubei China, the same origin as the Coronavirus. Highways, public transport, rail, river, and air travel have all been restricted to emergency medical teams only. As a result, some cargo shipments will be delayed.
  • The Chinese government has extended the Chinese New Year holiday, and as a result, production workers may come back later than originally planned, which may also have an impact on multiple product categories. 

There is no current knowledge as to when these restrictions will be lifted. AATB will continue to monitor the situation. If you become aware of any additional information regarding this issue, please notify Roman Hitchev or Beverly Bliss. Thank you.