Bulletin 20-6

AATB Issues Advanced Copies of the Revised Standards That Come Into Effect on July 31, 2020

Advanced copies of the revised AATB Standards with effective dates of July 31, 2020, are now available and have been emailed to Management with Executive Responsibilities (MwERs) and Bulletin recipients representing AATB institutional members.

Each individual standard containing changes that are scheduled to come into effect on July 31, 2020, is highlighted as follows: added text in blue font; removed text in red strikethrough; with an attached subscript showing the announcement date, bulletin number, and effective date of the change.

These advanced copies of the revised Standards are provided for training and preparation during the 6-month implementation period of the changes. They should not be implemented before their effective date, which is July 31, 2020. To prevent premature implementation, each page of these Standards is watermarked “NOT IN EFFECT until 31 Jul 2020”.

For additional information, please contact Dr. Roman Hitchev, AATB VP & Chief Science Officer – hitchevr@aatb.org.