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What is the Tissue Bank Specialist certification?

Certified Tissue Bank Specialist, or CTBS, is an individual designation which is attained by passing the CTBS Examination. This designation signifies that the certified individual has successfully demonstrated an understanding of the basic principles, concepts and AATB Standards for Tissue Banking.

This is the only professional designation available specifically for the tissue banking community, and therefore encompasses all levels of tissue banking professionals, from those new to tissue banking, all the way through to medical directors and executives.

Why should I become certified?

CTBS designation is required by many employers, and many organizations also require that tissue banking personnel attain this certification after a certain period of time working within the industry or in a particular tissue banking role.

Michelle Post, CTBS

"Donor families often have many questions about recovery and reconstruction, types of tissue, tissue uses, quality assurance, and how to communicate with recipients. Becoming a Certified Tissue Banking Specialist aided me in being able to walk a family step-by-step through their concerns and questions."

-Michelle Post, CTBS

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