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What is the AATB Tissue Bank Specialist certification?

Certified Tissue Bank Specialist, or CTBS, is an individual designation which is attained by passing the CTBS Examination. This designation signifies that the certified individual has successfully demonstrated an understanding of the basic principles, concepts and AATB Standards for Tissue Banking.

This is the only professional designation available specifically for the tissue banking community, and therefore encompasses all levels of tissue banking professionals, from those new to tissue banking, all the way through to medical directors and executives.

Why should I become a CTBS?

CTBS designation is required by many employers, and many organizations also require that tissue banking personnel attain this certification after a certain period of time working within the industry or in a particular tissue banking role.

How is the CTBS Exam developed?

The CTBS Exam is developed by AATB Committee and Council members who submit questions to the Certification Committee, formerly the American Board of Tissue Banking Committee (ABTB). The Certification Committee reviews submitted questions and, if they meet all criteria including FDA regulations and appropriate AATB Standards for Tissue Banking and references, they can be added to the exam question database.

The exam is comprised of 130 multiple choice questions related to Quality Assurance (20%), Distribution (10%), Donor Screening & Testing (25%), Processing (25%) and Recovery (25%). ​

The exam does not include questions related to birth tissue, reproductive tissue or the NADO standards.​

What Does CTBS Mean to You?

Laura Walling-Sotolongo

"These 4 simple letters CTBS, following your name communicate both a professional distinction and solidarity among other members of the tissue banking community who also share this achievement. Professionally, it is important for me to maintain this certification so that I can more fully participate in and contribute to the donation community."

-Laura Walling-Sotolongo, CTBS

Dr. Ed Ferreol

"CTBS adds a new medical specialty dimension and introduces tissue banking to the uninformed. It has also received both national and international recognition."

-Dr. Ed Ferreol


Interested in becoming a CTBS?

In order to become designated as a Certified Tissue Bank Specialist (CTBS), individuals must receive a passing score on the AATB Certified Tissue Bank Specialist Examination.

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