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Becoming CTBS Series

In our Becoming CTBS series, AATB features a future or current Certified Tissue Banking Specialist.

Featured Future CTBS - March 2019

Dr. Francisco Verdugo   

Image courtesy of Dr. Verdugo.

Becoming CTBS Certified

I've been involved with bone grafting for more than 10 years now. I was initially in clinical performance and now I'm working in research and development. Currently, I'm implementing a tissue transplant service as clinical management for public health (Servicio de Salud Concepción), as well as a tissue-engineering research line for academic research related to clinical operations (Universidad de Concepción).

I believe that becoming CTBS certified is an important step for my team, my career, and for our local health service, as it will demonstrate international quality levels in transplantation science. My certification is going to be the first one within my team, but other members of my procurement team also plan to become certified.

About Dr. Verdugo

Francisco Verdugo is a DDS, MRes in Advanced Therapies (Tissue Engineering), and a lecturer in bioethics. His career started in the oral and maxillofacial surgery fields, with a focus on clinical and research work. After working some years in a trauma center, he continues with academic and research activities in Concepción. Currently, he’s working as a research and development manager in Facultad de Ciencias Biológicas (Faculty of Biological Science), Universidad de Concepción, on the tissue bank implementation for the public health system. He also works as lecturer in bioethics for Universidad Andrés Bello Concepción. He also participates in health biotechnology entrepreneurships, mainly in technology innovations for the musculoskeletal market.