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Dear AATB Members,

We are pleased to report that a search committee was formed in June and is evaluating recruitment firms with the hopes of launching the AATB CEO search in August. The timeline finding a new leader is estimated to run into November / December 2019. Your representatives on the search committee are:

Lou Barnes, Chair, Board of Governors

Diana Buck, Chair-Elect, Board of Governors

Dr. Jaime Shamonki, Chair, Reproductive Council

Alyssa Harrison, Chair, NADO Council

George Herrera, Co-Chair, Accredited Tissue Banks Council

Doug Wilson, Executive Committee, Tissue Policy Group

Tom Cycyota, Executive Committee, Tissue Policy Group

The 2019 Election was successfully completed in early July and we wish to thank all that ran for office this cycle, we had great voter turnout in support of a great group of candidates. As a member-driven association, it is satisfying to see the breadth and depth of those volunteers running for office, and the support they garnered from association members.

We congratulate Ronda Horstman, CryoLife, Inc., Chairperson-Elect, Jeff Cox, United Tissue Resources, Secretary-Treasurer, Michael Bergevin, M.D. & Glenn Greenleaf, LifeCell Corporation, an Allergan Affiliate, At-Large Governors, who will take office at this year's annual meeting in Toronto, Canada.

We want to thank Dr. Dan Schultz, LifeLink Tissue Bank, Immediate Past Chair, Kevin Meyer, LifeGift & Jeff Orlowski, LifeShare of Oklahoma, At-Large Governors, for their service and ongoing commitment to AATB. They have been solid stewards of AATB's mission during their service periods. Job well done!


Lou Barnes & Diana Buck