Donated Birth Tissue

What is Birth Tissue?

Birth Tissue IconBirth tissue includes the placenta and amniotic fluid. These tissues that helped nourish your baby while you were pregnant and are typically discarded after your child's birth can be used for transplantation, research, and education.

Birth tissue donation is a type of living donation and does not impact your health or the health of your baby.

How is Donated Birth Tissue Used?

The placenta is full of cells and tissues that stimulate the body's own healing mechanism, reducing pain, inflammation, and scar tissue. Birth tissue donation helps to provide tissue-based products for wound coverings, diabetic ulcers, sports medicine, ophthalmology, spine, dental procedures, and more.  It also speeds recovery for various patients, like wounded military personnel and people with difficult-to-heal wounds.

Donated birth tissue is also instrumental in advancing medical research and finding new treatments for medical conditions.

Find establishments that are accredited for birth tissue.