Donating Reproductive Tissue

What Are the Types of Reproductive Tissue Can Be Donated?

Reproductive Tissue IconMale and female reproductive systems are made up of various types of reproductive tissue. Sperm and oocytes (eggs) are types of reproductive tissues that individuals can donate while they are alive.

How is donated reproductive tissue used?

Reproductive tissue donation is a type of living donation. Donated sperm and oocytes are used in medical procedures designed to help create families. 

Reproductive tissue donors may direct their donation to a known recipient or, more commonly, to a reproductive tissue bank for anonymous recipient(s). 

Reproductive tissue donation benefits individuals who wish to expand their family for whom traditional reproduction is not an option. Same-sex couples, single individuals, and individuals with conditions that impact their fertility all benefit from reproductive tissue donation.

  • Same sex couples or single people wishing to be a parent
  • People who have primary conditions that impact their fertility, such as men with Klinefelter syndrome or women with primary (idiopathic) premature ovarian failure
  • People who have secondary infertility due to gonadotoxic treatment, such as chemotherapy for cancer
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