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AATB is proud to recognize the winners of the 2019 Abstract Awards.

AATB Abstract Awards

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The AATB Abstract Awards serve as a way to recognize the outstanding research being done in the tissue banking community. Submissions for these awards are accepted each spring/summer, with the winners being announced at the AATB Annual Meeting in the fall.

One winning abstract will be selected from each of the three categories listed below. Additional abstracts from each category will also be selected for poster display at the 2019 AATB Annual Meeting

Award Categories

Scientific Abstracts

These abstracts will relate to research, clinical outcomes, allograft studies, tissue processing, disinfection, etc. These studies will likely follow classical scientific methodology involving testing a stated hypothesis and generating analyzable outcomes that either support or refute the hypothesis. Scientific abstracts must describe the use of robust and reproducible methods and data analysis techniques.  

Although not an inclusive list, scientific topics related to tissue banking may include:  

  • Microbiology (screening, testing and validation)  
  • Tissue processing methods  
  • Disinfection/Sterilization
  • Skin
  • Xenografts
  • Tissue graft applications
  • Burn
  • Clinical outcomes
  • Allograft performance (in vitro or in vivo)
  • Tissue handling (shipments, recovery, storage, shelf-life)
  • Osteobiologics
  • Sports Medicine (including osteoarticular)
  • Cardiovascular
  • Spine
  • Wound Healing
  • Cellular therapy/Regenerative medicine (e.g. stem cells)
  • Other – (must describe)  

Scientific Abstracts by a CTBS

All scientific abstracts submitted by a CTBS will be considered for this award. No separate submission is necessary. 

Non-Scientific Abstracts

Non-scientific abstracts may include surveys, literature reviews or testimonials to support the abstract theme. While data may be included, data are not required unless they are needed to support conclusions.  
Although not an inclusive list, non-scientific topics related to tissue banking may include: 

  • Donor eligibility requirements
  • Technician safety practices
  • Recovery methods
  • Service to donor families
  • Funeral home practices
  • Hospital practices
  • Compliance/regulation
  • Other (must describe)  

Abstracts must be based on original work that has not, or will not be published or presented in any other copyrighted journal or Abstract Book. Abstracts may have been previously submitted at smaller/regional meetings but cannot be previously published. 

Review Process and Criteria

AATB will assign and coordinate independent reviewers who will assess all abstract submissions. Abstracts accepted for poster display and/or presentation will be based on these reviews.  

Abstract Award Winners

Authors associated with each of the winning abstracts will receive an award at the 2019 AATB Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada (September 24-27, 2019). 

All authors of accepted abstracts are highly encouraged to prepare a poster for display at the meeting.

One author associated with each of the three winning abstracts will be expected to give a podium presentation at the 2019 AATB Annual Meeting. The three authors who give podium presentations associated with their exceptional abstracts will have their meeting registration fee waived.