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What are AATB Councils?

Councils represent the viewpoints of the various disciplines that relate to tissue recovery, processing, storage, distribution, and transplantation. Each council consists of individual and institutional members of the association interested in that particular discipline or council. There is no minimum or maximum number of members that may serve on a particular council.  Each council may recommend standards for tissue banking to the Standards Committee as well as educational or scientific programs to be presented at meetings of the association.

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Accredited Tissue Banks Council

ATBC offers its members the opportunity to participate and collaborate on current issues affecting AATB-accredited tissue banks, including the accreditation process, inspection compliance, collaborative relationships, changes in FDA standards and regulations, and the AATB’s accreditation and audit fee structure.

Catherine Hankins

Dan Lunn

Donor Family Services Council

The objective of the Donor Family Services Council is to share best practices and foster collaboration, when appropriate, among donor family service representatives in the tissue banking profession.

Patricia Darrigan, CTBS

Physicians Council

The purpose of the Physicians Council is to ensure that physicians’ concerns are fully considered when addressing issues related to tissue banking, transplant medicine, and AATB Standards, policies, and programs.

Matthew Kuehnert, MD

Processing & Distribution Council

The purpose of the Processing & Distribution Council is to ensure the safety and efficiency of tissue processing and distribution.

Uzair Rajput

Quality Council

The purpose of the Quality Council is to promote safe donor selection, effective tissue recovery, and the appropriate testing, processing, and distribution through quality practices, processes, and AATB Standards.

Jennifer Drago

Recovery & Donor Eligibility Council

The purpose of the Recovery & Donor Suitability Council is to enhance the quality of tissue recovery, screening, suitability assessment, and family support services by advancing AATB Standards, best practices, and education.

Brian Roe

Living Donor Council

The purpose of the Living Donor Council is to contribute to the growth, advancement, and understanding of the science, technology, procurement, collection, processing, and storage of birth and reproductive tissue and/or cells from living donors.

Brent Hazelrigg

NADO Council

The objective of the Non-Transplant Anatomical Donation council is to share best practices and foster collaboration between NADOs and AATB Membership to further increase awareness of the industry.

Mike Huston

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